Put an end to sciatica without surgery and injections, and get your life back!

Pain manifests in many ways, and can vary in intensity. In whatever form in comes, sciatica is a painful experience.

It feels different for everyone, yet it still has one thing in common: It can disrupt your whole life.

This year we have helped hundreds of people with sciatic pain and we want to help you too!

Sciatic pain has no one specific cause, but can come about for a range of reasons. Our lifestyle and posture can all impact our back in a negative way.

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If this affects you, then I can happily say this may be the most important message you will read today.

Early sciatic pain is often so mild it can be ignored – but this is the stage when it’s vital to see an osteopath!

If left untreated for too long, medical intervention may be required. However, surgery is not always successful at treating sciatica.

This is why osteopaths stress how important it is to be seen as soon as you have any sciatic symptoms.

Sciatic symptoms range from numbness or tingling in your legs to shooting pains and tenderness in the surrounding muscles.

Here at Eltham Osteopathy Clinic we are trained to assess you to determine what the cause of your sciatica is, and how to best help you.

“Whilst waiting for an appointment with the neurosurgeon, a member of my church suggested I try Osteopathy, and the remarkable progress I have made in my recovery rids the need for a surgical operation.”

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