Pain Free with Brain Tap

The Brain Tap Pain Free Lifestyle program can help you get back to the way you felt before pain affected your life.

The BrainTap headset features harmonizing tones synchronized with gentle light pulses, that travel through the ear meridians and the retina, sending direct signals to the brain, guiding you into deep relaxation. This innovative form of brainwave training is called frequency following response, and it provides maximum results in the least amount of time.

Within minutes the brain begins to match the frequencies of the light pulses and sound beats. Unlike biofeedback, where the user attempts to consciously change brainwave activity, light and sound induced entrainment influences the brain without any conscious effort.

How does the pain-free lifestyle program work?

The powerful combination of Pain Free Lifestyle creative visualization sessions and the Brain Tap headset helps those suffering from chronic pain conditions achieve unheard of levels of stress reduction and relaxation. These tools help transport your mind to the deepest meditative states – so you don’t have to let persistent pain control your life. With Brain Tap technology, pain can be managed and you can live the way you have always dreamed of living.

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Want to learn more?

If you’d like to learn more about the power of BrainTap – please call our clinic on 0208 294 1113.  We’ll even give you the opportunity to try a session FREE!

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BrainTap can also help with…..

  • Stress reduction
  • Weight loss
  • Improved sleep
  • Mental Clarity
  • Effective Meditation
  • Alcoholism
  • Depression
  • And more!

We are currently the only osteopathic clinic in the UK to have BrainTap technologies. Call us now to see how BrainTap can help you!