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Our massage chair offers a range of styles when it comes to preference, there is the Japanese, Thai Swedish massage, as well as the standard massage types such as Deep Tissue, Full Body, Neck and Shoulders, Waist & Hip plus many more….

Massage Styles


Inspired by traditional Japanese techniques, the soothing movements of our massage chair transport you to a place of tranquillity, as the gentle pressure and rhythmic motions release tension and promote a sense of inner peace.


Originating from the Ancient art of Thai Massage, this programme combines, stretching, acupressure and rhythmic compression techniques, allowing you to feel a deep state of relaxation.

Full Body Massage

From head to toe, our massage chair’s precise movements and expertly applied pressure, contribute to the relief of muscle soreness and improvement on top of circulation leaving you feeling deeply rejuvenated.

Deep Tissue

Penetrating deeply into your muscles, targeting any built-up stress, this programme aims to release tension with knots and rejuvenate your body’s health.


Catering to the unique needs of seniors, this programme combines a gentle yet feeling of relief and relaxation.

Are you in need of deep relaxation, cheaper than the price of a masseuse?

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Have you had a particularly stressful week, things may be getting a bit tense or you’re just looking to relax, unwind and rejuvenate. Sinking into our massage chair might sound like a heavenly option, because it is…

Our expertly crafted chair is one of a kind, coming with a variety of pre programmed massage options to get you feeling better and back on top of things.

Relax, Rejuvenate, Unwind

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