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New Patients

We can offer you a fast & efficient treatment at our London osteopathy clinic. We have a competent & highly experienced team of osteopaths, and have provided treatments for over 25 years. Our examination has been developed to offer fast, accurate diagnosis and treatment for the relief of back pain, neck pain, headaches and many other conditions.

As with most medical conditions, early diagnosis is vital in achieving a speedy, cost effective recovery as delays in diagnosis of many conditions can impede recovery by weeks. Many of the conditions that we treat can be found on our Conditions page.

Please note that we require full prepayment for all New Patient Appointments to secure your booking: this can be done online, via telephone, or simply just pop in and see us!

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Upon Arrival

As soon as you arrive, you will be welcomed at reception by one of our friendly Clinic Assistants. Patients frequently comment on how their first visit was met with a friendly face, a warm smile – and an understanding of how much pain they are in.

You will be asked to fill in a patient information form, detailing your personal information, medical history, and symptoms. We also require your signature on a consent form to formally acknowledge the risks of treatment and the procedures we have in place with regard to COVID-19. 


Putting the pieces together to establish what’s gone wrong

This is where you talk and we listen. Over the years, many patients have told us that doctors do not listen, and can often feel nobody believes you, sometimes making out that the pain is all in your head. You will have a private consultation where your osteopath will spend time talking to you about your life and medical history.

Everything you have experienced in your life up until now has resulted in what we will find; all those falls you had as a kid, the bump in the car, your poor posture at your desk or in the car, your stressful job, the quality of the food you choose to eat, being a shift worker and not getting regular sleep, even feeling lonely and isolated. Literally everything around us has created what we see in the clinic today!

Our job is to piece together the jigsaw puzzle of your life to find out why you have the pain. All your details will be handled with the utmost confidence, and we strictly follow GDPR guidelines. 

Physical Exam

A thorough orthopaedic, neurological, & osteopathic examination is performed, alongside a postural analysis. Based on the findings, your osteopath will decide whether any additional investigations are necessary before treatment can begin, such as X-rays, MRI, CT scans and urine or blood tests. In some cases, it may also be necessary to contact your GP.

Technical Exam

Lack of symptoms or feeling good is not an effective barometer to measure your health, alone. This is why we measure how your body functions and adapts to stress by using state of the art advanced spinal evaluation technology, called MyoVison. We scan your spine with a handheld device, which delivers a computerised image of the stress & tension around your spine and nervous system. This technology gives us (and you) an objective assessment, allowing us to pinpoint the area needing care & attention.  We also use these scans during your later appointments to demonstrate your progress throughout your treatment plan.

We then analyse all this data and create a plan of treatment that is specific and individual to you. This will be ready for you at your next visit – the Report of Findings.

Report of findings

We LOVE this appointment because this is when we get to tell you how we can help! Here you’ll get the time to discuss exactly what’s going on in your case with your dedicated osteopath. Your osteopath will provide you with an individualised, confidential written report, and you can discuss what course of action suits you best.  We will also discuss the 4 questions that every patient needs answered:

  • What is the cause of your symptoms?
  • What can be done about it?
  • How long will it take?
  • How much will it cost?

Just so you know: if we think Osteopathy is not the care you need, we’ll point you in the right direction. In cases where we want further tests, we’ll refer you back to your GP or to another specialist. Honest advice & putting the patient’s best interests at heart are key principles at our clinic, and we will not compromise on that! 


If you decide to go forward with your treatment plan, then it’s time to get started! This can happen straight after the consultation at your Report of Findings appointment, where we will start the process of correcting the root cause of your problem.

Osteopaths treat the cause of your problem that painkillers hide. After reviewing all the information, your osteopath will use only the techniques appropriate to your condition.

Manual techniques where the osteopath uses their hands to manipulate & adjust your body can: decrease pain, improve joint mobility, decrease muscle spasms, reduce nerve interference and improve circulation – all contributing towards a healthier, happier you! Techniques include: specific spinal adjustments, soft tissue techniques, massage, cranial and other gentle techniques, depending on the treatment required. 

Osteopathy has been proven to be remarkably safe – much safer than taking pain killers! After treatment, many patients report increased general wellbeing – not just improvement with the problem that made them turn to osteopathy in the first place. We strive to achieve these results with every patient.


In order to help you recover to the best of our ability and to maximise your health & results, you may need to adapt certain aspects of your lifestyle. After all, change comes from within!

We can assist with this by giving specific exercises to do at home, nutritional advice, stress management, postural advice, sleep habits, ergonomics, and the best use of ice and heat.

Most medical insurance will cover osteopathy but we do ask that you initially settle your account with the practice at the time of your appointment, and then claim back from your insurers (we are able to provide you with detailed invoice if required).

Your Osteopathic Journey

Many people initially come to see us to relieve a specific pain – but once the pain has gone, many patients like to continue visiting our clinic for what we call “lifestyle osteopathy”. This osteopathic treatment, along with their own ongoing healthy lifestyle of eating well, regular exercise and trying to keep good physical and mental health, helps support a balanced & healthy body.

Going to the gym regularly helps you stay fit – and that fitness requires maintenance and regular use to sustain itself. Likewise, seeing the dentist for check-ups can help you maintain optimal oral health, and prevent future problems. Regular osteopathic care may help you enjoy better spinal and overall health. Everything of value requires maintenance. When people get older, their number one complaint is their bad back. That’s why regular osteopathic care is so valuable – it can help you at every stage of life, and negate the effects of our stressful lifestyle as we age.

Whether you want to see us for occasional pain relief or regular maintenance care, we are always happy to assist you!

Money back Satisfaction Guarantee

Although the vast majority of our patients feel a huge benefit for receiving osteopathic treatment, we can’t guarantee your results – but, we can guarantee your satisfaction.

We are so confident that you will be happy with your results that if on a rare occasion you are not, then please talk to us and we will discuss a suitable arrangement for a refund (terms and conditions apply). 

Whatever your needs, we will listen, provide choices and support you in achieving your personal health goals.

Put an end to your pain today and get your life back!

“Osteopathy has helped my whole body. Now I have so much less tension, even my posture has improved. I would recommend osteopathy to anyone – if you’re in doubt, you have nothing to lose. ”

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