Those shooting neck and arm pains can be so debilitating!

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It’s amazing how much pain you can take before it becomes ‘too much’. You can go days, weeks and sometimes even years before it gets too much. But when you do get neck pain, it can reach a point where you just can’t go on any longer! 

Being in pain is depressing and frustrating as well as down right inconvenient. 

But you’re in luck! 

Neck pain and a build-up of stress are very common symptoms we see and treat nearly every day! Working alongside your osteopath, with an individual treatment plan and exercises to perform in your own time, we can help you conquer that neck and arm pain. 

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We want to HELP YOU! 

An osteopath is the natural and drug-free way to combat neck and arm pain. 

There are many things that we do without thinking which can contribute to our neck and shoulder pain.

Sitting slouched at a desk for hours can increase the stress on your neck and shoulders, the same way bending your head to stare at your phone and laptop can too.

Over time, this build-up of stress can cause pain in your neck and over the top of your shoulders. This neck pain is often associated with frequent headaches.

We’re here to help you prevent these things from causing long-term issues! 

“I cannot recommend osteopathy enough: it is the only treatment that gives me relief from my neck.”

“The clinic is clean, relaxed, and so comfortable. The whole team are friendly, welcoming, helpful and professional.”

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