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Have things got too much?

It’s amazing how much pain we can take before it becomes ‘too much’. We can go days, weeks and sometimes even years before it gets too much. But when we do, you know as well as I do that you want to be pain free yesterday.

I’m going to guess that as you are here, with me, reading this as the pain you are experiencing has got too much and you need help.

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If this is the case, then I can happily say this may be the most important message you will read today.

Before we go on I want to put you at ease.

Back pain is one of the most common reasons people consult us. Back pain affects over 80% of the population at some stage of their lives, and that figure is growing so you are not alone.

You may experience a slight niggling ache to sharp debilitating pain that can affect every part of the back and also radiate to other areas of the body. Many patients report how frustrating and depressing it is to suffer with pain, it affects your relationships, stops you from playing with your children and participating in your favourite hobbies.   The good news is that most patients we see are back doing the things they enjoy after having back pain for months or even years.

Some causes of back pain include bad posture, poor seating, unsupportive beds and pillows, incorrect lifting, sedentary lifestyle, stress (both physical and mental), trauma, sports injuries, pregnancy, “wear and tear” and so the list goes on. So what can be done?

An osteopath is the natural and drug free way to combat back pain.

For a long term solution to lower back pain, one cannot look towards painkillers. They do not offer a permanent solution, and the problem often only get worse with time. Pills often have side effects and long term use can damage your stomach, liver or kidneys.

Back pain can be a debilitating disease or just a little niggle – but any sign of pain means that there is something wrong with your health.

Osteopathic adjustments provide a safe and effective treatment for back pain and are a proven way of relieving pain and rehabilitating the spine. Osteopaths aim for long term solutions, and through a maintenance program, keep you feeling well and pain free. The osteopath aims to restore normal function to your body allowing normal motion and posture.

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