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Family based conditions that we treat

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Head Pain
Many physical, mental and hormonal changes take place during pregnancy and these can put strain on a woman’s body.

Osteopathy is suitable and safe throughout the pregnancy. pregnancy pain treatment

As the centre of gravity changes so do the stresses on the body and spine. Shoulder and back pain, headaches, sciatica as well as pain in the pelvis and ribs are common during pregnancy. Osteopaths are able to modify approaches to make osteopathic adjustments to the spine easy and comfortable for the expectant mother and provide a drug free alternative to pain management.

Our osteopaths can help during pregnancy by:

  • Correcting mechanical disorders of the joints and muscles that can lead to joint and nerve stress. This reduces pain and improves function.
  • Maintaining normal joint function and spinal balance. This helps the spine to adapt to the altered posture and weight increase.
  • Allowing the joints of the pelvis and lower back to move freely which assists in the birth process. If the musculoskeletal system is functioning at its maximum it enhances the opening of the pelvis.
  • Advising the maternity patient on lifestyle including posture and lifting to avoid spinal stress.
  • Advising on exercise regimes to help towards spinal health.

The stress of carrying an unborn baby causes the body, spine and pelvis to be particularly vulnerable. Hormonal changes make the pelvis more supple during the latter portion of pregnancy. This instability can lead to other strains being felt in the spine and supporting muscles and ligaments. Pregnancy creates new problems but can also exacerbate existing ones.

The process of childbirth puts tremendous stress and strains on your body. As the body is more supple for some time after birth due to the hormonal changes, there may be an increased susceptibility to injury.

There is also the added strain on the spine whilst nursing, feeding and caring for the baby. The osteopaths at Eltham Osteopathy Clinic recommend that new mothers have their spine examined as soon as possible after the birth.

Children are always getting into trouble and falling or bumping into things. This can cause a child’s spine to misalign, causing problems, which at first might not seem to have anything to do with the spine. On the other hand misalignment of the child’s spine may not show any symptoms until later in life, so it is a good idea to have the kids checked by an osteopath.

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